Lumia 800 Pops Up at Microsoft Stores; Bundled with Nokia Speakers and Luna Headsets for $899

February 17, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

New Lumia devices have started hitting the markets. Lumia 900 was all set for pre-orders by last week and now we have spotted a bunch of Lumia 800s available at Microsoft retail outlets across the country.

Though the device was slated to hit markets on February 14, we were not able to spot it anywhere until now when they just popped up.

The phone is undoubtedly great but the situation here is a little disappointing. We spotted only a bundle with Nokia Play 360 Bluetooth speakers, Nokia Purity HD headphones and a Luna Bluetooth headset.

The issue is not that we hate HD headphones, Bluetooth speakers and head sets when it is from Nokia, but that the bundle altogether cost you $899. That is too much, right?

We were not able to confirm if the rig is available out of the bundle for a decent reasonable price.

It doesn’t fit our logic to understand what makes Microsoft retail stores offer such a hefty price tag for a phone which in normal case may cost around $150 or $200.

The phones available in the stores are compatible to work on AT&T’s network; however, it cannot be bought from the carrier, but only from Microsoft stores right now.

Lumia 800 got a lot of acclaim and was expected to find a lot of takers once it hits the market.

Many observers have put it among the other devices in the Lumia range that will help Microsoft and Nokia to have a good performance at the smartphone market. It actually lured us too, but not with these prices anyway.

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