Intel Ivy Bridge Chip Reportedly Delayed

February 17, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Are you one of those guys who can’t just wait for new ultrabooks to hit the market, or the next update of the Apple Macs? Looks like you are in for a little disappointment. The truth is that the next-gen Intel Ivy Bridge chip has been delayed.

Citing sources at first-tier notebook vendors that are having trouble digesting their Sandy Bridge notebook inventories due to the weak global economy, Digitimes said that volume shipment of Ivy Bridge won’t happen until after June.

A small volume of Ivy Bridge processors will ship on schedule in April, though.

The PC replacement cycle is not expected to begin in earnest until September when Microsoft launches Windows 8. Also the first three quarters, prior to the launch of Windows 8, will be a “dark period” for the notebook industry.

Intel CEO Paul Otellini said during its earnings conference call on January 19, we’ll launch Ivy Bridge, our first 22-nanometer product, in early spring. Ivy Bridge will improve on the graphics performance of Sandy Bridge by more than 70 percent.

The industry will bring more than 70 new Ultrabook designs to market this year. And when Windows 8 launches, we’ll be ready with both PCs and tablets.

Later in the call, Chief Financial Officer Stacy Smith said we have a very fast ramp of Ivy Bridge, strong demand.

New Intel chips typically don’t go into production until a few months after the official technology announcement. So we can’t be sure if what we hear is true or not. Stay tuned to know more on that.

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