Become A Real Dragonborn With This Skyrim Helmet Replica

February 17, 2012, By Christian Davis

Despite all the games that have been released, you should still be running around the world of Skyrim killing giant spiders, wolves, and dragons. It’s a dangerous job and you need to protect that most important person in Skyrim–yourself. Etsy member Brayud had the same idea and created a replica of the most recognizable helmet in Skyrim.

We’ve had a dragonborn helmet available to us in the past, but that was made of fleece and was just a little goofy looking. This one is made of metal and has real horns (not really) and makes you a badass.

If you want this, you’d better be quick and have a few bucks to spare. In the item description the creator states that there will only be one for sale. After that, he won’t make anymore.

So how much does this helmet cost? It’ll drain your wallet a healthy $300, so be sure you have the money saved up in your PayPal account before you go and click the purchase button.

Head over to Brayud’s page to see the Skyrim helmet and other videogame creations, but before you do, make sure you check out the rest of the screenshots of the handmade helmet below.

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