Windows Phone Tango to Bring in Multiple File Attachment in MMS; Latest Leak Says

February 16, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We just stumbled upon some real stuff about the upcoming Tango from Microsoft. A recent leak has given us a bunch of exciting screen shots to give us a peek of what the successor of Mango will look like.

The leaked pictures of the imminent update of the Windows Phone platform codenamed Tango shows that it allows users to copy the contacts in their phone to a SIM card just in a matter of some clicks here and there.

Moreover, it enables more than one attachment in a single MMS message. Tango will also bring along a native voice recording application for MMS messaging.

The most interesting aspect about this leak is that it confirms the earlier rumors about Tango eyeing devices with low specs. The leaked screen shots show Tango on a phone with just 256 MB of RAM.

However, it will affect app performance since 256 MB RAM gives very little space for many apps in the Windows Market place to run. As per the screen shots, if the user tries to install an app that needs more space, a message will alert the user about the space issue.

The pictures do give us some clear info on what Tango will bring in. Reassuring the grapevine that the Tango OS is targeting the low end devices, the leak has also revealed that the OS will support camera hardware on phones even up to the level of 3 mega pixel resolution.

Tango will also help users manage domestic and international roaming. Well, that is the leaked part; the solid part of the story will meet us at MWC it seems.

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