Microsoft Xbox 720 Might Feature 3D; New Job Ad Hints at That

February 16, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Gamers are anxiously waiting for the next powerful gaming console from Microsoft. Dubbed Xbox 720, it is expected to be 6 times more powerful than Xbox 360.

However, it seems the rig will bring more exciting features by delivering the unique experience of 3D gaming to its users.

Though there were rumors floating around hinting that the new Xbox may have 3D capabilities, the company has not admitted it so far. Though Microsoft has yet to announce anything official about the 3D features on the upcoming console, a new job ad from the company hints that they are working seriously on 3D features of the product.

The ad looks for an Algorithm Research & Development Engineer for Xbox team based in Haifa, Israel. The major responsibility of the engineer will be designing and implementing algorithm into state of the art 3D imaging systems working in an integrated HW and SW leading team and others.

Though the ad restricts itself from going into more details, it gives loads of hints that the Xbox team is researching into introducing 3D interface into the consoles. It is an obvious move from Microsoft since 3D gaming is becoming more popular.

Moreover, earlier leaks have suggested that Xbox 720 will be using ATI’s Radeon HD 6670 GPU which can offer support to 3D technology.

It is expected that Microsoft will unwrap the new gaming console at the E3 trade show scheduled to take place later this year. However, you will have to wait until 2013 to find it in the marketplace.

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