Aereo Gets You One Step Closer to Cutting the Cord

February 16, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Cord cutting may or may not officially exist, but the reasons for cutting the cord to your cable TV programming are real with all the options available. The latest of them is Aereo, a subscription service which brings live, real-time HD television programming to any internet-connected device.

Things are getting easier with this one.  You don’t have to have to install any special hardware; you don’t have to be home and using an iPad. You can simply turn that tablet or smartphone of yours into a TV set just like that.

Even if Aereo is only part of a TV solution, it’s potentially a big piece because it works with no setup, just like a TV set or radio does when you fire it up.

The antenna, in fact, is thousands of tiny, spider-like antennas clustered in boxes around the city. Each antenna is paired to a specific subscriber.

Since Aereo’s antennas give each user their own personal live TV stream, they have created a system that takes advantage of the legal umbrella that many have used in the past so they wouldn’t have to get approval from the big networks and music labels.

Kanojia insisted that Aereo was on safe ground because everyone has his own personal antenna — even if it’s not theirs physically, it’s a model consistent with over the air broadcasting (meaning that members can legally receive content without going through any intermediary).

And as a broadcast-only service, Aereo does not include anything that isn’t over-the-air, from the History Channel to HBO. And, this will cost you $12 a month, though that includes access to recorded programming, stored in the cloud, and the ability to record live shows, DVR-like.

Aereo isn’t even an app. It’s built on HTML5, the open-ish video standard that works in any modern browser and was the major challenge to mobile flash until Adobe decided it was fighting a losing battle.

Aereo has now exited its beta program, and is live in New York City. Until early March it will be an invitation-only service, and then, on March 14 Aereo will be open to the public.

Aereo is set to go in the path of growth. A step at a time, a market at a time!

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