White Galaxy Nexus to Hit Verizon for $199 Very Soon

February 15, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Some tipsters with ample knowledge of Big Red’s plans have hinted that the carrier will soon roll out a cheaper version of the Galaxy Nexus in order to lure more customers, who have found the existing price tag of this cute phone a little too much.

Apart from trying to break the cost barriers of the device, Verizon is breaking the color norms too by bringing its white and silver looks to the network. The network will soon get the white version of the Galaxy Nexus along with metallic silver one which is already available for its customers. The white Galaxy Nexus was so far an international only edition.

Tipsters made it clear that the new set of phones will not feature the 32 GB version of the device, but all will come with a plain 16 GB internal storage. The decision will help the company to avoid overstock issues and to keep it healthy with the low price tag contract.

Though no precise information was available about the price, it is expected that Verizon will go for some low pricing measure as they did with Droid RAZR. In that way, the newbie on Big Red is expected to cost anything around $199 on a two-year contract.

As per the trends in the market, users where finding the current price tag of $299 for an LTE version of the phone a little too much to think about, before committing to the contract.

But with the $199 price tag and with the options to choose between metallic silver and white versions, we feel there will be more takers for Galaxy Nexus on Verizon network soon.

Well, the tipsters were not sure on a possible launch date but said the rig will hit the network in near future. Going by Verizon habits, they usually pick Thursdays to unwrap a new device on their network. Well, that can happen any day, any week from now onwards in the case of 16 GB Galaxy Nexus.

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