Siri Spills Beans on Japanese Language Support

February 15, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Looks like Sir is a quick learner. The intelligent voice assistant who has stolen the hearts of the iPhone 4S users and other Apple fans, has reportedly given a clue about the possible launch of additional language support, without the consent of the company it seems.

Recently, some intelligent folks around found it interesting when they asked Siri how many languages she can speak.

As per reports, the system reply had Japanese listed among other languages it supports, which is yet to be announced by the Cupertino giant Apple who runs Siri.

The new leak is in line with the Siri rumors that have been floating around for a while. There are wide spread speculations that Apple will announce additional language support for Siri during the imminent next generation iPad launch.

Then Siri is expected to speak Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and Russian. Seems she has spilled the beans much before the official announcement.

The FAQ section of Siri still shows no support to Japanese. It says that the service can be enabled in any country but supports only two other languages – French and German- apart from English.

Similarly, Apple Japan is yet to acknowledge the support officially. A visit to its website showed no mention of this Artificial Intelligent speech recognition service anywhere. Apple usually advertises or mentions a service in its website officially only when it goes live.

However, it is inspiring to see that Siri is learning new languages quickly, because it will add to the future performance of the upcoming iPads and iPhones in markets outside Europe.

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