HTC Audio Streaming Service Likely to be Shown at MWC

February 15, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

What could be HTC’s plan for the upcoming Mobile World Congress? If your answer is anything like a new tablet, a new face for their HTC Sense UI and some other products, it won’t be wrong, but it will not be complete.

Market observers now feel that the company, which once ruled the smartphone market with its Android devices but losing its line now, has some big plans to unveil at Barcelona in Spain as their flagship announcement in the MWC event.

Joining the dots by reading through the recent responses from company top brass and a set of insider information,  has made us seriously believe that HTC is mulling over an audio streaming service for its phones which will work over Bluetooth technology. The company plans to launch the service in lines of iTunes service run by Apple.

Wonder if a player like HTC can introduce something like iTunes?  Heck yes, and it can possibly turn into an iTunes killer.

The company had recently acquired substantial stakes in Beats Audio and is working with its co-founder Jimmy Iovine to develop a music streaming service that will be the default music client on HTC devices. Iovine has aired his interest to do something beyond just making speakers in music after they ended a bitter relationship with Monster recently.

The market trends world over show that the consumer interest has shifted to streaming music bought through micro payments, than any other modes of listening to music. Well, we will say HTC is making a good move.

After all they are having a difficult time with their Android devices since Samsung and others started snatching up the scepter and isle from HTC as per recent market figures. Well what do you think? Being quietly brilliant is enough to survive?

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