Apple Mac Pro to Get Ivy Bridge Update, Coupled with NVIDIA GPU

February 15, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Leaks from Apple are worthy of spending time on, whether they are about the iPad or on Mac machines. A recent leak from the Cupertino giant’s inner circles says that the company is thinking of bringing a new processor chip to power the updated Mac Pro machine.

When Apple decided to go for a new processor chip, it went nowhere but to Intel, and bagged its upcoming Ivy Bridge processors. The Ivy Bridge is more efficient than the earlier Sandy Bridge chips from Intel.

The chip has tri-gate transistors instead of the traditional transistor types which are 30 percent more efficient in not causing over heating issues.

Moreover, the 22 nanometer production process makes the Ivy Bridge chip extra efficient. As per emerging information, Ivy Bridge chips pack 8 cores and a 20 MB of cache memory.

The net effect will be the difference between the two high performing six cores of the Sandy Bridge with the two higher performing 8 cores in Ivy Bridge with more expanded cache.

The update applies to GPU too. Tipsters indicate that Apple is coming back to NVIDIA after having a worst ATI lesson with Mac Pro last time, as far as graphics front is concerned. The GPU issue was a pain in the neck for professional users of the machines earlier.

If Apple is actually considering going back to NVIDIA for GPU, it will be good for the company as well as for professionals who want use the special graphics engine with Adobe products and CUDA based programs in the Mac Pro, since they give support only to NVIDIA GPUs.

If the source is anything to believe, Intel has already allowed Apple to test the Ivy Bridge chip and the Cupertino giant is confident that they can retain their high profit margin with the help of the refined manufacturing process. A result may come out in the third quarter, says the source.

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