Samsung Galaxy Camera in the Offing, Says a USPTO Filing

February 14, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We just got a real clue on what is fuming in the think tanks at Sammy’s R&D division. A recent filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office shows that Samsung is thinking of registering a new trademark for an upcoming Camera product series.

Though the filing does not reveal more than that, it gives a lot of insights into their plans. Sammy’s filing is for a trademark ‘Samsung Galaxy Camera’ and the type of products they want to sell under it include cameras and camcorders. That tells a lot many things, right?

Samsung, already has products bearing the Galaxy name, which are Android devices. So what does that mean?

A new camcorder device with a little Android connection? Something like you can click a picture and share it to any Android phones instantly?

Well, companies like Polaroid have already unveiled Android based digital cameras. But the idea, if from Samsung, seems to stand better provided their mastery in the gadget market.

The idea seems pretty good, if the Korean company manages to combine a lot of elements which people look for now. A better zoom and high quality lens is a must and then the quick sharing, GPS tagging and things that can be done on an Android platform. If offered for a decent price, they can put up a show in the market.

We cannot completely rule out chances of Samsung rolling out something entirely new on the camera terrain. Innovation is the key to survival when you are playing in the gadget market, isn’t it?

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