Mozilla Firefox to Get a Metro Style Version for Windows 8

February 14, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Windows 8 is coming. It is on a clear path to releasing on February 29. And everybody is sure that it is going to rule, this time on tablet spaces too. So it is the need of the hour to get prepared. If you are not prepared to play the game with the new platform, you are left to perish, as far as developers are concerned. Though very popular, Mozilla knows it better. So they have hatched out a Firefox plan for the new Metro User Interface of the upcoming Windows 8.

To refresh you on the facts, Metro UI is the name for the cute tiled interface you have seen on Windows devices recently, and which is going to migrate to desktops and tablets with the launch of Windows 8.

Apart from working as shortcuts to launch applications instead of the traditional start button in Windows, the tiles can display pictures, notifications when set on the homepage. In addition to ease of use, Metro has changed the way in which Windows apps were developed. Now it is called WinRT.

Mozilla’s plan is to revamp its Gecko based browser engine, which Firefox uses now to toe in line with the Metro environment. Firefox on Metro will full screen, touch based and connected to Metro environment through Windows 8 contracts, be just like any other Metro app.

Windows 8 will have a classic interface too, but here Mozilla can achieve the porting with just a simple update to the existing Firefox, but porting for Metro UI will be tougher.

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