BlackBerry 10 OS Leaks; Images Reveal New Widget Tiles and Icon Tray

February 14, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Everyone out there is busy. Apple is prepping the next iPad for an imminent launch, MS is almost done with the finishing works of the Windows 8 beta and HTC Sense 4.0 is almost previewed in a leak.

BlackBerry is also busy with the new BB 10 OS and it was leaked in some pictures.

Believed to be the portion of a pre-release document sent to one of the ad agencies, the leaked images give some pretty clues about the looks and attire of the upcoming OS version from Research In Motion.

They point out that BB 10 could be based on the PlayBook OS, tailored to suit smartphone experience.

However, it is almost crystal clear that RIM is planning to launch their own Widget version with the new OS version and what we saw in pictures of the home screen here amply confirm that tip off.

Well, we can’t help say they almost look like the tiles on a Windows Phone and have a lot of Android Inspiration in the design too.

Well, it packs a revamped icon tray, with a little preview facility. In the leaked image, it can be seen that the picture tray shows a picture inside and the alarm shows the next alarm time as a preview.

The Cut The Rope icon in the last row again confirms the newness of the document since it was released recently on PlayBook.

The universal inbox shown in one of the images is not entirely new since we have seen it earlier. But the names in them include that of a real RIM employee which again points to the reliability of the document and the pictures.

Well, if you are still skeptical, you may please look at the picture of the caller display screen. It has got loads to tell about how sexy the BB 10 will be, when it is rolled out. We will just stop it here. Pictures speak more.


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