LG Miracle WP Phone Pictures Leaked; Shown Sporting 5 MP Cam and NFC

February 13, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We have got a perfect leak with focused pictures here, bringing goods news to Windows Phone lovers. Much before an official announcement, the photos of the latest Windows phone from LG’s stables have surfaced.

In what is now counted as an embarrassing confusion from somebody close to the company, the pictures were spotted on a Romanian online trading site. By the time the company understood that the beans have been spilled, tipsters have saved them for our readers.

We can guarantee the freshness of the leak and the device itself, since the pictures clearly shows a ‘Not for sale’ banner on the back of the device, making it obvious that the device in picture is a working prototype.

From the photos, it is pretty clear that the rig comes with a front facing camera and a 5-mega-pixel rear camera too. The leaked pictures also reveal that the device runs apps like ScanSearch and SmartShare too.

The name of the dubious device is still under question. Though it clearly resembles LG Miracle, when compared to earlier leaks, sources inside the industry swear that the phone in the picture is called LG Fantasy E740.

Well, there could be some confusion with the LG codename for the device and the retail name for the market. Probably, both devices will be the same when it hits the market.

The leak says that the device has a 4-inch wide VWGA NOVA display. The device sports a 1 GHz Scorpion processor, and heard to pack NFC capability too.

Well, we think the device (and our readers too) need not wait long to find it going official. LG , in all possibilities, will roll out it at MWC.

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