Gift Your Girl a Gadget this Valentine’s Day; She Would Love That For Sure

February 11, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Well, there is only a few days before Valentine’s Day dawns. Confused about the best gift for your lover on this Valentine? A recently emerged research report may help you zero in on a better gift idea for a female partner for this Valentine.

US consumer Electronics Association has found that women love gadgets and really like them as gifts. The study revealed that 80 percent of the fairer sex under study expressed their interest to accept an electronic kit as a gift.

More than half of the group of females under study said that they were keener on getting devices or gadgets as gifts.

The trend from similar studies conducted earlier shows that the gadget loving group of females, had a 10 percent jump in their number compared to earlier years.

That means love for gadgets among the females is growing faster, soon making them as gadget crazy as the men folk.

Gadgets are a turf of the males who spend more on them, than their female counter parts. However the gap is getting narrower day by day, says the study.

During the last one year period, males spent $728 on consumer electronics on an average while it was $667 among females, making a difference of $61.

The figures show a steep increase in female spending on consumer electronics, since the gap was $200 in 2007.

However, if you think in the usual line and takes some gadget to her in feminine pink, she may not actually like it, since the study has found that the color of the gadget lies at the bottom of the preference list for females when they choose a gadget. Got any clearer idea?

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