Windows Boss Stephen Sinofsky Reveals More on Windows 8 on ARM and Office 15

February 10, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

After leaving our heads spinning with a series of rumors and predictions, some real words have come out from the horse’s mouth concerning Windows 8 on ARM machines. Microsoft has at last broken the silence with a some what detailed drill down into Windows 8 on ARM (WOA) platform through a blog post from Stephen Sinofsky.

WOA will have the traditional Windows desktop interface and a Metro UI which is basically touch-based.

Both of these versions will run usual applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and One Note with full document compatibility. Applications like calendar, mail, storage, photo sharing and contact apps will be same on x86/64 and ARM. Apart from these apps, all other applications on WOA will come via Windows Store.

The key to the whole deal with the new thing is balanced power use. The emulator running for x86/64 apps usually eat up much of the battery and processor, making them very unstable. So they will have to be developed in a new way to make them efficient and stable. The company is trying to make life easy by allowing developers to compile WinRT apps in Visual Studio.

WOA packs a lot wonders including Internet Explorer 10 with full HTML 5 support. It brings in hardware accelerated graphics too. If you want to bring in more power efficiency, it is possible through integrating hardware subsystems.

WOA devices are not meant to be switched on or off, but to be kept in stand-by only. The development of such devices is in progress and all major layers like NVIDIA,Texasinstruments and Qualcomm are on their way.

The Office 15, with all its novelty is already out to the hands of a group of Microsoft testers. The first of the WOA devices too will be released to a selected group of developers soon for preliminary testing. In the meanwhile, Windows 8 consumer preview will take place next month. The two different styles will be branded differently to avoid confusion among the customers.

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