Vonage Mobile App Hits Android Market and App Store; Seen as Skype Rival

February 10, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Skype is not the last word when it comes to calling and texting friends free of cost. To make a change in the way the game progresses, Vonage Mobile has launched an app for iPhones and Android devices that will let users call and text friends in around 90 countries, having the app, free of cost.

The app is just like Skype, but has some notable differences, which may make it a Skype killer in the course of time.

It is more usable than Skype in many aspects. Skype needs the app to be opened in the device for the user to get the calls or messages. This is a little inconvenient since it kills the battery when the app is kept switched on for a long time.

However, Vonage Mobile app does not demand you to keep it on always. It delivers calls and texts to your phone, making it ring usually, even if the app is not on. That sounds cute, right?

To make it different from Skype, it does not need a username and password, your phone number is your identity. Moreover, you can directly contact people in your phone list, without searching for their username on the service. That makes it pretty easier to work with.

The app is handy even if users want make international calls to somebody without the app. The rates on Vonage Mobile app is 30 percent cheaper than Skype and 70 to 80 percent cheaper than usual network carriers. Moreover, the app is free.

It works with iPod Touch and iPad and allows billing through existing iTunes or Android Marketplace account, in increments of $4.99 and $9.99. Now tell us, will it turn the Skype killer?

Get it here or here.

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