Steve Jobs Considered for a Sensitive Post in Govt in 1991, Reveals FBI Document

February 10, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A background file created by FBI on Steve Jobs, the co-founder and late CEO of Apple, has been revealed under the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA).

FBI created the back file in 1991, when Jobs was considered for a sensitive post in the government during George W Bush’s time in office. The President wanted a back check on his character.

The newly released file confirms many interesting and lesser known areas of Steve Jobs’ life. For instance he had a high school grade of 2.65 GPA and had undergone an extortive bomb threat in 1980s.

The files also confirm LSD use, which Jobs himself has admitted many times. The document reveals that he has fathered a child out of wedlock.

However, many of the people FBI interviewed about Steve Jobs said that he can be deceptive at certain points of time and may distort reality to achieve his goals.

At least some of the colleagues commented that it was difficult to work with him. This is obvious as the innovator was notorious for his short temperedness. Though many persons said they personally did not like him, many others thought he was a strong business leader and an innovator.

Some reports suggest that, the negative comments which came out during the background check did not prevent him from getting posted for advising the president on export policy.

Though many of the information have been included in the recent authorized biography of Jobs, the FBI document is an unflattering, almost original look into the life of a man who loved secrecy very much when it came to his personal life and company’s products.

Editor’s Note: The existence of some negative comments in FBI investigative reports is usually nothing to garner concern. For instance, let’s say the FBI questioned you about you neighbor’s behavior and you reported he was “raising pink unicorns and had leprechauns held captive in his attic.” The FBI field reports would document this.

This comment which you made would not prevent him from advising the President of the United States, unless your neighbor actually admitted to your accusations. Then I would say he did too much LSD in the 1960s.

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