Google Android-based Home Entertainment System On its Way

February 10, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google’s new plans are really interesting. Confused? The tech giant is planning to launch a new home entertainment system all monitored through the Android ecosystem. This means, the competition between the Apple iOS and Google’s Android platform will become stiffer in the coming days.

Rumors are flying thick and fast that Google will be introducing their new Android-based home entertainment system in 2012 itself.

We hear the feature will be fully under the Google’s brand, with no support from a third party hardware manufacturer. This is a really interesting move from Google, as in the past they have rolled out products with the help of a branded hardware partner – especially the Nexus One-HTC, the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S from Samsung and the XOOM of Motorola.

In addition, the Android-based home entertainment system will be working in conjunction with Google’s Drive cloud storage system. This combination will help users to utilize more space on their portable hard drive by allowing them to access their entertainment files from the cloud system.

The company has decided, for the first time, to design and market consumer electronic devices under its own name. It’s heard that through the wireless entertainment system, the users can stream music and video to Google-made speakers and other devices.

It seems they are targeting a huge number of Android-based devices like smartphones, tablets and televisions from the different companies with this new system. What do you think of Google’s new entertainment system?

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