Apple Road Trip and Rock God Ads Showcase Siri to Full Potential [Videos]

February 10, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple has added two video ads to their video page, showing how Siri, the voice-assisted search service can come handy during situations in day-to-day life. The ads show off Siri’s voice recognition and intelligent assistant technology.

Titled Road Trip and Rock God, the ads show the user interaction with Siri and thus subliminally project the features of the service, without even mentioning its name.

In the Road Trip ad, a man decides to travel from Boston to Santa Cruz with his partner, and both of them consult Siri throughout the trip.

The ad shows the travelers using both question and non-question voice commands to get responses from Siri. The very trip starts itself by asking Siri to find the way to Santa Cruz.

The travelers use Siri’s service for a bunch of purposes like spotting a restaurant and finding gas station when they ran out of fuel. In fact, Siri turns out to be almost like a third passenger with whom others keep talking every now and then.

The Rock God is again another way Apple found to show how handy Siri is for anyone, regardless of the profession. In Rock God, a youngster consults Siri for a range of purposes like finding a guitar, texting friends to organize a garage band performance. To make it the punch line, the boy in the end of the commercial demands Siri to call him Rock God.

Well, both ads have already caught the eyes and hearts of the users. They are considered good in taste, since Apple did not join the mudslinging, in the backdrop of the nasty attack by Samsung through negative ads.

The ads are brilliant enough not to mention the name of the service or to clearly inform that the service is available with iPhone 4S only. Well, hit the play buttons below to watch the ads.

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