Apple iPad 3 Rumors Summed Up; Holographic Display a Possibility

February 10, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A spurt of rumors and leaks is the usual phenomenon with a most expected device approaching its official launch. So does the next big thing –the  iPad 3. Often the leaks and assumptions conflict each other and create a haze, which makes people confused about the nature of the device to be launched.

It’s been sometime, since the rumor mills have been hatching stories on the possible specs of next iPad device. There has been a heated debate if iPad 3 will feature quad core power or not.

However, to get a clear idea, and not to have false expectations, it’s the need of the hour to list and weigh the rumors about the upcoming device.

We did a lot of homework on it, by enumerating reliable rumors and finding out common factors. By putting them together, we have got some idea of how iPad 3 will look like in the end.

In all possibilities, the new tablet device from Apple will have a 2048 x 1536 Retina display to quench the thirst of the geeky race to have a visual experience that is closer to the real. Well, A6 chip is a fixed deal so far, but the question of it being a quad core chip is still lingering without confirmation.

Obviously, we will find some upgrade as far as the power of the GPU is concerned. Camera resolution and quality will also go up, though we would like to stay away from speculating on exact figures. The rig will pack a larger battery with better performance, since it has a lot of high-degree tasks to complete. iOS 5.1 is a fixed deal for iPad 3 , So do Siri.

To be on the dreamy side, we would like Apple to reveal something really outstanding with the machine, leaving all these rumors useless. How about having a holographic display in which the interface will be projected on the air so that the user can interact. Well, you may find it a wild one, but the time is not far when you start tapping on air just like you tap on the screen of your device .

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