Motorola Wants to Sue Microsoft for Patent Violation

February 9, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Another patent row is in the offing, it seems. Tipsters from the tech world say that Motorola is going to hone its weapon before it attacks Microsoft, claiming revenues based on patent violation.

As per the emerging information, Motorola is going to target software giant Microsoft, seeking 2.25 percent of their sales in certain categories.

The information shared by observers on patent infringements shows that the Microsoft products that may come under fire for patent violations can be Xbox 360, Windows 7, Internet Explorer 9 and Windows Media Player. As we understand now, Moto is going to sue these products in the court, for violation of two of their patents.

As per the source, General Instrument Corporation, a subsidiary of Motorola Mobility, has asserted in German court that two FRAND pledged patents essential to the H.264 video codec standard has been violated by three Microsoft companies.

The move from Motorola Mobility is considered as retaliation from Google to Microsoft and Apple, who have taken a similar case to the court alleging patent infringement by Android manufacturers. They are right now getting royalty revenue from at least 70 percent of the Android manufacturers as compensation for the violation.

However, the onslaught from Google started earlier itself, when Motorola demanded 2.5 percent of the all iPhone sales from Apple. They have turned successful when they obtained an injunction from the court on the sales of 3G devices from Apple in Germany.  However, the products came back to market with an appeal from Apple.

Though it is yet to be officially confirmed, (it is less likely to), the move from Motorola is considered by the observers as retaliation backed by Google on its major rivals in the market.

There are enough reasons for us to believe that assumption, since Google is in the process of taking over Motorola Mobility and in all probability, they can have a plan to attack the rival organizations using the large patent portfolio of Motorola.

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