Apple iPad 3 Less Likely to Sport Quad Core Chip

February 9, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There was a lot of hype from the rumor mills that we will be able to see an Apple tablet with quad core power when the company rolls out the next iPad. However, as the roll out is nearing, a little logical analysis and dotting together some of the latest of the leaks will force you into an extremely different opinion, some times.

When we count what the major ARM processor suppliers are doing right now, we have got an almost no from Texas Instruments, when we got a chance to poke on their quad core plans.

They are not going quad core this year, in all possibilities, not even with their next generation OMAP 5 processors. Instead of having a quad core plan, the OMAP 5 chips from TI, when they were demoed in the CES, had two ARM Cortex A15 processors.

The architecture was interesting, since it had two smaller M4 cores along with the main cores. TI has pet named them as microcontrollers for digital signal control.  So in a way, apart from two big general purpose processors, the chip architecture had two smaller chips for special purpose.

Well, Medfield chip from Intel for smartphone is actually single core with a benchmark quality rivaling dual core chips in the market now.

Since the major chip makers seem to have no quad core plan hatching out in the immediate future, there is less chances that Qualcomm to run for such a plan just for the A6 processor which will power next gen iPad.

Well, what is the matter with the latest rumor on this issue? The latest leak has the photo of the back housing of the next iPad. It is heard to be sporting larger battery, reconfigured logic board, new camera and a double resolution display than the predecessor.

However, the internal real estate, points out that Apple will not able to accommodate four big chips here just for the sake of making A6 quad core. So possibly, we may again see some combinations here too.

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