Google Glasses Rumored to House Smartphone Capabilities

February 8, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Did you know about this new device? In case you haven’t, let’s tell you something amazing. Google is prepping peculiar types of spectacles, which houses an interface and capabilities similar to a smartphone!

The prototype of the device that almost looks like the device in the picture below will be a new entertainment experience.

Though nothing concrete is known about the device, widespread speculations are claiming outstanding features for the device. It is heard to house a front facing camera, which in turn will help in augmented reality apps.

The camera will obviously help taking pictures. Some tipsters claim that the device comes with a flash too, to aid the camera to take pictures in low light.

However, since they have stuffed all the features in a small body of a spectacle, the camera is very small and may not fetch you high quality pictures.

However, unlike the earlier rumors, it has no 3D capacities. Moreover, the display will be for one eye and will be situated on side, so that the vision of the user is not blocked by the opaque display.

Most interesting feature of the Google glasses is that the prototyped spied by the tipsters uses a very peculiar type of navigation, in which the scroll and click actions are controlled by the head tilting of the user. Though it may sound difficult, it is very easier once you are used to it.

The device will have specs similar to a generation-old smartphone due to the limitation of the form factor and applications.

However, we will have to wait and see if such a product will have a mass market appeal at a time when all high quality devices are popping up in the market every now and then.

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