Chrome Browser Hits Android Smartphones; But Supports Only Ice Cream Sandwich OS [Video]

February 8, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The tech world is often full of ironies. Chrome was such an irony when it came to Android devices. Both were from Google and both were very popular, but Android users were not able to have the Chrome experience on their phones.

Despite leaving behind three years since launch, two different products from the same company were not able to find a resonance so far. But the story is not so any more.

Google has at last chromed out a solution, by delivering a mobile version of the popular web browser.

Well, the reason for the wait, as per Google officials, is that they did not wanted to push a diluted version of the Chrome just for the sake of pushing it to Android platform.

However, the wait has been worthy enough, and it seems so because the new mobile version is providing full features that Google fans are accustomed to on a desktop version of Chrome.

Moreover, the users of the desktop Chrome have many benefits here, like easy syncing of the bookmarks across all your browser versions once you are signed into Google.

What else? The browser allows real time syncing, that if you have left a tab opened in your desktop at home and the mobile version of the browser allows you to access the same tab on the go.

Above all, it is absolutely faster. Even when you start typing a URL, Chrome predicts it and stars loading it behind the browser. It also syncs the forms data and search preferences, so that the search items you entered in the desktop version is carried over to the mobile version too, saving you precious time with faster and easy searches.

However, the saddest thing is that, Chrome for Android is still beta and now supports just Ice Cream Sandwich devices only. Got one in your device? Head for Android market now.

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