Fujitsu Lifebook 2013 Concept Incorporates Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone and Camera – All in One

February 7, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It is the era of multifunctionality, just look at your phone, and the bunch of functions it sports. Well, as the time moves, the functionality of the devices improves, both in their variety and quality.

Fujitsu recently revealed their 2013 concept of a multifunctional device which will incorporate a tablet, smartphone, camera and a laptop in one go. The most interesting thing with this Fujitsu Lifebook 2013 is that the parts can work independently as separate devices.

Though they are independent, they can be assembled together to a single unit, so that the whole machine turns so portable and the elements sync together well.

Though there are similar devices like Asus Padfone , the degree of functionality is very low.  For instance, Padfone can turn itself from a smartphone to a tablet, no more games.

Well, nothing will give this much detailed and complete elements, if the Lifebook 2013 concept turns in to reality.  For example, the Lifebook 2013 does not have an actual keyboard, but has a single element, which will work as a tablet independently and as a keyboard for the laptop, when inserted into the slot. Though the tablet will turn itself into a touch based full QWERTY keyboard, it can function as a sketchpad too.

Similarly, the concept reveals that the device will have a slot on its lid of the display to accommodate a camera device, which can also work independently from other parts of the Lifebook.

The concept may raise questions on tablet help like “will it work when people are fond of using their smartphone camera?” But we feel the quality will be so different.

The tablet, smartphone keyboard is just amazing since it gives an easy way to sync your phone with the laptop. Moreover, everything goes in one package.

Well, the machine is still just a concept. We might need to keep watch of Android website, AndroidPit, to know what’s running inside.

We hope Fujitsu will dig deep to add more quality stuff to the device when it come out of its stable in 2013.

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