Computerized Television: telyHD and Apple TV

February 7, 2012, By George Lang

Next time you gather the whole family around the TV it may not be to watch a movie; it may be to make one! Thanks to the latest trends in high-definition television, the people at the other end will be doing all the watching while you and your family do all the acting!

HDTV is becoming more like your computer everyday; and the variety of  technological choices is rather astounding. We start with a device announced at last month’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. It is called the telyHD and is offered by telylabs.

The telyHD was named a CES Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Award Honoree. The device turns your HDTV into a high-definition (up to 720p resolution) video conferencing tool. It will stream a Skype video phone call – starring your entire family, if you wish – from your very own living room to whomever you like. No computer is required because the device houses an Android powered micro-processor.

The telyHD sports four (4) microphones for stereophonic, spatial audio reproduction; that is, if little Johnny is over on the right, that is where his voice will come from on the receiving end. If he walks over to the left, the microphones will follow his voice over to the left. The TelyHD sells for $249.

But the telyHD is only one of several similar technologies that fall into the computer/HDTV convergence category. In fact, it has been leaked over the past several days that the long-rumored Apple TV may soon be launched (Dugg at Hot Hardware). Marketing spin has it that the Apple TV will incorporate all the video conferencing technology – and much, much more – into an integrated computer running the iOS Apple mobile operating system right on the television! (Apple TV rumored to cost around $1500).

Leaked Apple TV Image

The choices become even more numerous when we consider  Google TV is planning many new innovations as well. Sony is already offering several HDTV models designed around the Google broadcasting service.

Sony NSX 46GT1 1080p LED HDTV for Google TV

So, how do you weigh your purchasing decision for this new HDTV-based video conferencing  technology? The most important factor will be whether you want, and can afford, an entirely new HDTV. The television systems coming out now are almost all computerized to some extent. They are already fitted, in most cases, to connect to the Internet through either an Ethernet  cable, a WiFi wireless router, or both. They will be increasingly pre-integrated with some type of processing power.

If you can afford the integrated unit, go for it. This choice will offer more in the way of a full-blown computerized HDTV. The telyHD, despite its built-in processor, is mainly designed for Skype video chatting sessions. Nonetheless, if you plan on using your existing HDTV, telyHD is definitely the way to go.

Have fun streaming from your very own living room; and, while you are preparing to have fun making your own home movies, we leave you with an excellent and enlightening one from our very good friends over at

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