Canon PowerShot Gets Six New Cameras To It’s A- Series

February 7, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Canon PowerShot is one of the best selling digital cameras worldwide. The company has added six new models to its A-series on Tuesday, seeking improvement to the existing devices in the lineup.

The newly introduced cameras can be grouped under three classes: high end, mid tier, and low end. All the cameras sport 16-megapixel optical sensors with full HD, 720 pixels video support.

Canon PowerShot A4000 IS and A3400 IS form the top tier. The A4000 IS has an 8x optical zoom, while the A3400 IS has an inferior 5x zoom.

Both the devices have similar screen resolutions and deliver image stabilization. The A3400 IS digital snapper is the first in A- series to sport touch- to- focus facility.

Canon PowerShot A2400 IS and A2300 come under mid- tier devices. Both models host 5x optical zoom, and 2.7 inch LCD display.

However, only the A2400 IS features image stabilization characteristics. The A13300 and A810 PowerShot cameras are designed for beginners.

They have similar optical sensors and screen display, but battery used in these devices is different. Instead of Lithium- Ion cells, these devices use typical AA battery.

The A1300 features an optical viewfinder app, which is absent in A810. The cameras show significant variation with respect to prices too.

The A4000 IS would cost $200, whereas the A2300 is obtainable for $150. The prices of A2400 IS and A3400 IS are $160 and $180 respectively.

The low end camera would start selling from April where the A810 is priced at $110 and the A1300 is obtainable for $120.

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