Taobao Offers Boyfriends on Rent; Chinese Girls Can Now Place Orders

February 6, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

What all can you order via eBay? Not a fiancé however, right? Now Taobao, the Chinese version of eBay, allows Chinese females to order for a rented fiancé.

The offer which may surprise you about the inventiveness of the Chinese entrepreneurs is now live on Taobao. The hitherto unheard of service offers single females in China to take a rented boyfriend home for the Lunar New Year traditionally celebrated by the Chinese.

By Chinese tradition, the best gift, spinsters can offer to their parents for a Lunar New Year, is nothing but a betrothal. So Chinese girls, if they are around 30, cannot even think about going home without a fiancé for the Lunar New Year.

Since we are closing in on the Lunar New Year, the service is expected to reap a harvest with its charge of just Rmb 100 per day for a rented boyfriend.

The offer is interesting by its terms. The price of the service includes chatting up with the parents of the girl. However, holding hands and hugging her will come with an additional price, it seems.

The service even allows the customers to decide if they want the rented boyfriend to share the bed chamber with the girl.

It is expected that it will help ward off the doubts of the parents, but that too costs extra for the service. However, some services even go to the extent of giving a price cut, if the customer and the rented ‘product’ share the same bed.

The service may seem a little out of sense for other countrymen. But it is not so in China, since the strict One Child Policy is still in place and the culture gives less importance to descendents. So, in short, the service may hold ground in the Chinese market.

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