Free Audio Books for Your New Mobile Device

February 6, 2012, By George Lang

As many mobile folk already know, thousands of public domain eBooks can be read for free at sites like Project Gutenberg on the Internet. The service catalogs over 38,000 titles. What you may not realize is that free listening to many these same books has become a popular option thanks to websites like LibriVox.

All books published before 1923 are currently considered in the public domain within the United States. Both Project Gutenberg and LibriVox publish these books in their vast catalogs in the audio book format.

Over the holidays, many of us received new mobile devices as gifts like the Amazon Kindle or Barnes and Noble Nook, or new smartphones like the iPhone 4s or Android-powered devices. The device manufacturers have made it easy to purchase books and other multimedia content online. But having to pay for the device’s monthly Internet connection fees may be making it a bit tough to afford much more.

LibriVox is a volunteer-driven service that records and publishes public domain books in the audio book format. Any computerized mobile device connected to the Internet and/or a computer is capable of playing these wonderful books. The service features almost 5000 great classic titles such as Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin.

“Free Classic Audio books [is] also [a good source] of free audio books online. You have to be careful though where you get your free books. To be sure of quality when you download free audio books you can try Ambling” (Smart Music) Some of the books may not be legally downloaded in foreign countries. Most of the quality sites offer guidelines for proper use of their titles.

Audio books are a great way to relax; and, thanks to great stereo digital sound reproduction from even the tiniest mobile devices, all we have to do is plug in the earbuds, sit back, and let the wonderful volunteers do the reading for us.


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