Facebook “Actions” Plan: Posting Personal Pictures Safely

February 6, 2012, By George Lang

We warned you about Facebook “Actions” in a recent DeviceMAG article. Never mind the automated “Actions” currently appearing, perhaps unexpectedly, on your Facebook page. How about the ones you took years ago – on purpose – that may still be coming back to haunt you today? You know, that night at the bar celebrating a big business win when your work buddies decided it was a good idea to snap a smartphone photo of you in a compromising pose?

How about the one where your bad hair day turned a little worse – just as the flash went off?

Bad Hair Day

And, of course, that disastrous political moment?

Howard Dean's Primal Scream

As a singer/songwriter I can relate to the botched lyrics caught on a “good friend’s” phone-cam and posted for the entire world to see before the song was even over!

Lauren Alaina Thanksgiving Day Flub

Facebook’s recent admission to an Ars Technica accusation confirms the real probability that those photos you accidentally posted, and then deleted years ago, are probably still there!

If the pictures were placed on Facebook in the form of a link to a photo, Facebook admits the fact that they are probably still accessible, despite being deleted from your Facebook page (i.e., what is currently being called your “Timeline”).

We all make mistakes; we think of possible consequences after we’ve already clicked the “Send” button. Most of those mistakes are reversible. But, in the case of eMail and Facebook posts, there are no longer any guarantees.

The etiquette, ethics, and morality of our online social lives are rapidly changing. Keeping up to those changes may be tantamount to ensuring our personal integrity. It is entirely up to us and our enlightened “Actions” plan to reduce the risk.

In the construction business we say, “Measure twice, cut once.” For Facebook, it’s “Ponder twice, post once.” And always remember, it could possibly be forever!


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