Apple iPhone Screen Shield from SGP Gets Praise for its Quality and Customer Service

February 6, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s always a mess keeping the expensive iPhone without any scratch or stain on its display, right? Ever tried dropping it? You will see how the glass will break into shreds.

Well, you have a bunch of reliable scratch guards in the market for iPhone, but not surely like the one we are talking about.

We have found a video clip recently, in which it is shown that a portable driller trying to scratch the display. It was not a success. They have tried a blade to scratch it too before hitting it with a hammer. But all in vain to break or scratch the glass.

Though it is an ad, the screen shield called SGP iPhone screen protector, has got a celebrity fan very recently. Rush Limbaugh, found not only the protector amazing, but also the company’s customer service policies.

As per his experience, he has ordered for five screen protectors from the company but found only one in the package. He has mailed back the company, saying that he has got only one of the five ordered.

The company asked if he can send back the picture of the package or the Fedex slip that came along. Unfortunately, he has thrown away all that stuff. Saying that he don’t have anything like that, Rush just mailed them with a photo of the lone piece he has got from the company.

Making him surprised, the company has sent back the remaining four pieces. According to Rush, the company was trying to confirm that he has actually made the order and not trying to fool them. Good logic indeed.

As per his testimonial, the tempered glass shield protector is not much in its thickness, but keeps the display away from scratches.

The GLAS protector costs $28 and needs you to put it lined up with the display and just to tap in the middle. Be careful to clean the display before putting it on.

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