Apple Fans Shun Loyalty; So Says the Latest Samsung Super Bowl Ad

February 6, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Seems like Samsung is on a roll in mocking Apple fans! We have already  told you how they have started lashing out at the Apple fans with their super bowl ad series, showing them foolishly lined up for the ‘next big thing’ from Apple, when Samsung has already brought the next big thing here.

The ads in the series, so far, were showing Apple fans getting dumbstruck seeing the new rig from Samsung and its 4G performance. But they were not trying to desert the lines under the spell of the new device and it’s luring features.

But the latest ad in the series shows that Apple fans are shedding their loyalty and breaking free to get them the next big thing, which is already here.

The ad which is being aired during the fourth quarter of the super bowl season shows one of the iPhone fans standing in the line saying, “I can’t believe we are missing the game for this”.

Then they spot a guy writing on his Samsung Galaxy Note with the S Pen. Everybody is amazed, and the fortress of loyalty shatters, with on in the line says “I don’t know what to believe in anymore”.

Ultimately, the Apple fans kick away the fences of the queues and get to the street proclaiming freedom to get the Samsung feel. They find a Samsung Galaxy Note LTE falling into their hands.

Everybody joins the celebration with a guitarist, skate boarding guys, marching band, all the while clicking with the new Samsung and sending messages with S Pen. The famous barista, however, is shown at the end of the ad sitting in the deserted queue, with the words, “Now that was over the top”.

Well, do you think Samsung can lure the Apple fans? Let us know here.

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