Why Windows Phone 8 May Soon Be Your Best Choice

February 4, 2012, By George Lang

Microsoft Windows Phone 8 is currently in development, and not scheduled for release until the end of the year. However, we feel it might be time to step back and think seriously about why you may want to schedule it to be your next phone.

Smartphones and tablet PCs are beginning to eclipse desktop computers and laptops in sales. That fact alone makes your next computing purchase critically important. Windows Phone is as close to a computer as can be found in a handheld device; and, because Microsoft is part and partial to its existence, Windows Phone 8 will be more closely integrated with all of the most popular Microsoft software products.

No other smartphone will be as tightly weaved into viable and relevant software as will the new Windows Phone. Sure, Apple and Android do their level best to offer emulation packages that claim to integrate with popular Microsoft software; but the fact is, only Microsoft spends the endless energy required to do it properly.

For instance, if you would like your smartphone’s Excel spreadsheet to automatically enter data into an Access database, your best bet for accomplishing that is by using a Windows Phone; if Outlook is searching for a depository to synchronize with, Windows Phone offers the best solution; and if your PowerPoint presentation needs a customized graphic from Visio just prior to a meeting, you will thank the gods you are using a Microsoft product to get it done.

But the new Windows Phone 8 will be bringing far more than advantages for office productivity. Hardware improvements are being incorporated into the new devices as well; gaming, streaming video, and music will never be better.

Nokia Lumia 800 and Windows Phone 8

“The new operating system will, according to Belfiore [Microsoft’s Windows Phone Manager], support NFC – the Near Field Communication system that allows services including contactless payments. It will also support new screen resolutions for Windows handsets and removable microSD storage.

“Improved data synchronization means that music collections and Xbox gaming data will be shared seamlessly between computers and mobile handsets.” (The Telegraph)

Microsoft is being chided by some critics for its tough hardware requisites for the new operating system. We think the new requirements are a positive new development. Cheap hardware has no place in a powerful software environment. For the sake of competitive capitalism, some prefer forfeiting these stiff requirements. This is one preference where keeping up with the Jones’ involves a bit more legitimate rationale.

For all these reasons and many more, choosing hardware and software products that are PURPOSELY designed to be used with one another makes a lot of forward-thinking sense. Mid-year will come first, when a large number of other manufacturers will be releasing their latest mobile devices (e.g., iPhone 5, iPad 3, powerful Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) smartphones). We think waiting a short while longer for Windows Phone 8 might be just the ticket for both greater productivity and lots more fun in 2013.

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