Social Fitness Tech Eyes Next Level: Apple Patent Talks Instant Sharing of Performance Data

February 4, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

How does a competitive workout work? Do you make a pact, hit the gym, get back home and then upload performance data?

It might soon become old-school. Apple is thinking of cranking it up a notch in the social fitness arena, if you go by a recently uncovered patent filing.

Apple calls this one Interfacing Portable Media Devices and Sports Equipment and the patent outlines new fitness technology, which lets you share performance data with your friends in real-time, as you are working out.

Yes, way better than the cool fitness apps we have seen so far.

The filing talks about immediate data sync between friends exercising on similar equipment.

Participants can be in the same gym or scattered throughout facilities across the globe, Wi-Fi or cellular network connection can sync data.

Treadmills can exchange media and data from both treadmills can be displayed on each treadmill.

Instant bragging, that is what Apple is talking about. This, in addition to making you feel great, would also means the race to fitness is getting tougher.

There is no mention of Nike+ on this one, which means Apple is looking at coming up with its own solution which would possibly replace Nike’s technology.

If the technology hits the market, there is no doubt that social fitness would be more significant than it ever was.

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