Apple iPad Split Keyboard Features a Few Hidden Buttons

February 4, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

You may be familiar with the iPad’s split keyboard, introduced along with the roll out of the iOS 5. The wonderful keyboard has some more hidden features that make it more flexible.

If you touch the blank area next to each half of the keyboard, letters will appear quickly on the other side of the screen.

The iPad’s split keyboard comes with a few hidden keys for making the typing easier. Most of the users have missed these hidden buttons as Apple did not reveal anything about it anywhere after the launch of iOS 5.

The keys are invisible if you are using the standard letter layout. They remain hidden even if the user switches to the numbers and special characters layouts. This means, if you hit the blank area next to the number ‘5’ key, the number ‘6’ will automatically pop up.

Normally, touch typists are used to tap on certain keys with specific fingers only. But with the iPad’s split keyboard typing, they can use the thumbs to cover all the letters and special keys. With the help of the hidden keys, the iPad typists can access three more letters per thumb, which results in fast typing.

Apple normally does not allow any alternative keyboard for their devices. But the iPad keyboard has been appreciated for its smart features provided for the iOS users.

The new revelation should help users have a great experience. Don’t you think so?

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