RIM PlayBook Offered Free to Android Developers who Repackage Apps

February 3, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Performance, usability and price are not the only secrets behind the success of a tablet in the market. Be it on Apple iOS, Android or Windows Phone, the number of apps available is the crucial factor that affects the market figures of the device.

RIM is learning the lesson very late, it seems. RIM currently has a weak app world and has understood the consequences in the hard way.

Now, to improve the situation with their app store, RIM has set out with a tactic to attract more developers to its platform. As part of rolling out its plan to multiple the numbers of apps in its platform, RIM is trying to lure developers who have already published their app in Android market.

The offer is something like this – developers with an app in Android market will get a BlackBerry PlayBook free, if they repackage their app for the BlackBerry App world and submit it before February 13. The offer is really tempting, to say the least.

The ploy of multiplying the apps in the BlackBerry App World is part of the covert promotional plans of RIM for the upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS. They need a spur of activity in the app market before the new OS start shipping.

Repackaging an app meant for one platform, to another, will be a child’s play as far as developers are concerned. However, the terms and conditions of the offer strictly suggest that the developers should remove all references to Android in the repackaged version.

Well, the idea sounds good, but time will prove if it works. By the way, if you are developer and want to bag a PlayBook, hurry.

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