iMessage Bug Can Give Away Your Personal Info to a Total Stranger

February 3, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

You must have heard, if you have not been a victim, of the iMessage bug, that causes text, video, and picture messages to go to the wrong phone. It was discovered earlier that iMessages could go to the wrong iPhones and expose huge swaths of your personal information to a stranger.

There have been a number of victims of this bug, but if you go by the Gizmodo story, turns out that an Apple Store employee has also been hit. When the bug was discovered back in December, it was said that an iPhone stolen by a thief could be remote wiped by you and deactivated through your carrier, yet when you set up your new iPhone, the iMessages designated for you would go to both your new and old phone.

This means that anyone can register your old phone under a new number and still send and receive iMessages as you. Apple had released an unofficial fix, in which users can wipe the stolen phone, deactivate the SIM, and then activate a new SIM with a new phone.

This is the employee’s story. The guy put his own SIM into the customer’s son’s iPhone to activate it before putting the SIM back into his own phone.

Now, the customer’s son is seeing all the messages sent between this guy and his friends, which apparently include some borderline sexts, photos that are inappropriate to publish in full, and other personal details. It seems this guy, Gizmodo calls him Wiz, can’t even perform the three-step process until he becomes aware that others are spying on his messages.

Also the three-step process is somewhat time-consuming and tedious. The thing is, customers, or employees, cannot fix the issue until they discover that their texts are going to the wrong places.

Is Apple listening? (Silently, of course)

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