Windows 8 to Come with the Ribbon Interface Minimized for Default

February 1, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We can’t help keep the anxiety till the end of the year when software giant Microsoft will roll out the much waited Windows 8. In the meanwhile, here come the very latest Microsoft secrets on the appearance of the new Windows platform.

Based on the responses they have received, the company has decided that Windows 8 will have its controversial ribbon interface minimized by default in the new version.

Microsoft has earlier met with a lot of ire from majority of the user community when it announced that Windows 8 will come with a maximized ribbon for Explorer, which according to MS, will give better usability for users to access and use files.

However, the data from an internal preview of ribbon usage at Microsoft has shown that only 23 percent of the users will maximize the ribbon if it is minimized. 71 percent just kept the status quo.

So the decision went for minimized ribbon. Still those who want to use the ribbon, can maximize it and the company has designed a less distracting one for easy navigation.

Apart from the ribbon, Windows 8 will incorporate a bunch of features that will help the users.  It has announced the change in dialogue boxes to avoid copying conflicts. Apart from asking users to skip copying files with same name, it will also set an option to skip files with same date and size. It will help the users to reduce the confusion of having duplicate files with similar content.

The Microsoft team is also working overtime to bring down the lag within the operating system, which will in turn provide a faster experience, be it on your desktop or tablet.

It is great that the company is giving more ears to the comments from the public much before it starts releasing the beta.

The changes in the ribbon and others are not just based on internal testing but also by analyzing some 2200 comments they have got on their official blog about the changes.

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