Nikon Coolpix S-Series Cams Ship this Month; Priced Between $140 and $350

February 1, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Camera makers are adding up to their compact camera range in the New Year, it seems.

If it was Panasonic a while ago, the latest one is it is Nikon, adding four new rigs to their point and shoot range.

All of them come with a 16 megapixel sensor and super zoom features which will make them hot cakes in the consumer camera market.

Starting the story from the cheapest of the lot, S3300 which has a suggested price of $140 comes in silver, black, pink and purple shades. It is the real cost-efficient device with a 6x optical zoom. It packs 19 scene modes.


If you are not able to decide which mode to select, just give it to the cam by switching to Scene Auto Selector which will make the apt decision. It also offers 720p HD movie recording with other features.

S4300, the next among the new entrants, is just demands $30 more with a $170 price tag. It also gives a set of options with models available in plum, black, silver, white and red shades.

Though it has similarity with S3300 with a similar lens and optical zoom, it boasts of a 3 inch touch screen. Apart from the Auto scene Selector and other scene modes, it packs Nikon’s Smart Portrait system so you get the portraits right when the guy smiles. It has the face priority Auto Focus capability with the ability to detect up to 12 faces.

The top guys among the lot, S6300 and S9300, cost $200 and $350 respectively. Both are available in red, black and silver shades while the former has an additional blue shade model too.

While the S6300 packs 10x optical zoom, it offers Easy Panorama mode and a set of other options to the user to create stunning images. S9300, on the other hand features 18x optical zoom and built –in GPS for geo tagging the photos. Both the rigs pack 1080p Full HD movies with stereo sound.

All of them will be available from February onwards.

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