Lumia is a Good Start, But Nokia Needs to Bring in Revolution to Survive

February 1, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Nokia can be a classic example of how a company should face tough times of decline. It was the king at least in some markets with a considerably new type of device, mobile phones, but found its fortress falling at the onslaught by the future kings.

But despite the decline, Nokia did some disaster management by going through some quick and crucial decision making process. They dropped their “soul” platform Symbian, dropped MeeGo, and joined with a then not very strong alley at smartphone market, the Microsoft.

Though the picture was not very rosy for them in the beginning, applauds raised at the CES by Lumia 900 was enough evidence for a possible success in the future. But if they think it is the end of the road to success, they are wrong.

Though Lumia got a lot of acclaim, it is just a nice start – that is what we feel. Nokia should be more innovative in the immediate future or they will fail to cut through the huge market share fortresses put up by major players like Apple and popular Android devices.

One of the best things with Lumia is its eye-catching design – the shining poly carbonated body coupled with the attractive tiled appearance of the Windows platform. Well, we feel Nokia has a long road to take. As a phoenix, this is the crucial moment for them to bring in something which will revolutionize our concept of smartphone designs.

Can you ever think of a smartphone without the long elongated screen and the touch screen giving a single home button and the usual lot now we find with every phone. There should be something beyond it.

We think Nokia is also moving that way. Or, that is how we perceive a recent comment made by Marko Ahtisaari, Nokia’s head of hardware and software design team.

In a recent interview he just reminded how the cars took almost 15 years to evolve into the shape which we now see around us. Cars, in popular perception then, were vehicles with a steering wheel in the back, like a boats tiller, for the first 15 years. The change came very late, and nobody thought of such a change till then .

The case with smartphones can be the same. Time is running faster these days and a revolution happens within a matter of hours. We need not wait for 15 years to see such a change. We feel, Nokia is at the right moment in the history to make it.

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