Israel, Finland and Sweden Top Cyber Readiness Poll, China at the Bottom

February 1, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Cyber warfare is not new in our times. We have seen nations covertly deploying such attacks on other nations and anonymous groups bringing large organizations with state affiliations on their knees with cyber attacks last year.

Now, an analysis from a cyber defense survey supported by McAfee has ranked major nations by their ability to cope up with cyber attacks.

The report has given grades to each country based on its cyber readiness, or the ability to handle unexpected cyber attacks.

It says that Israel, Finland and Sweden are at the top of the list when it comes to handling cyber warfare.

Israel, in fact, successfully handles more than 1000 such attacks every minute, say the experts, and manages without suffering much damage.

There is no wonder that Israel topped the list, since they have deployed a cyber taskforce to ward off any attempts on key infrastructure like power and water supply.

The country fears the attacks from other states and major crime organizations more than those from hacktivist groups like Anonymous.

The study carried out by the Security and Defense Agenda think tank puts countries like China, Brazil and India at the bottom of the ladder with the least ability to defend themselves against any attack on their cyber infrastructure. The US, the UK and some other countries come just behind the toppers with four stars.

Though China is an aggressor in cyber warfare, it is very vulnerable with less co-ordination between different agencies to defend any cyber attack on it, says the report.

Rankings were given on the basis of having adequate firewalls, anti-virus protection, well-informed governance and education.

Apart from ranking, the report has put forward suggestions that information sharing on a global basis is necessary to tackle such attacks.

As part of it, law enforcement agencies should be given more power and training to fight such cross border crimes, it says.

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