Twitter Move to Regulate Content Gets Thai Pat

January 31, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Remember how Twitter had put forward a suggestion after a demand from many countries to censor its tweets? The bird has said that it will avoid showing unfavorable tweets, if found so, in specific geographical areas.

The tweet and the content will be visible in other parts of the world. Though the announcement was met with mixed responses, now the blue bird has got a government pat from Thailand.

The Thai government has welcomed the decision from the micro blogging service to restrict objectionable content geographically. Apart from welcoming the decision, Jeerawan Boonperm, the head of the ICT ministry in Thailand was quick to make a response, that if Twitter rolls out such an option, the Thai government will promptly contact the service to know how to enable it for Thailand.

Putting it bluntly, she said that web giants like Google and Facebook are already providing good cooperation with the state to make it sure that Thai laws are respected in the virtual world also. Thailand has the history of showing hostility towards the proliferating use of Internet based new media platform among its citizens.

The Thai authorities have several times, notoriously punished political dissenters who used such means to express their opinion. About a year ago, a Thai website manager got up to 20 years in prison for not removing comments that were critical of the monarchy.

The decision from Twitter to restrict content geographically came, as there was a lot of hue and cry in countries including France and Germany, who had tried clamping down pro-Nazi tweets. Under the growing pressure, the most popular micro blogging service has decided to start proactively withhold content from users of a specific country.

Well, Twitter censorship is taking off.

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