Five Million Dot OLED Means Great Electronic Viewfinder Resolution

January 31, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Of course, all of us were impressed with the resolution of the 2.4 million dot Sony EVF, featured in the NEF-7 and other cameras. Not so easy, says a French company called MicroOLED.

What you thought as high end is a step closer to becoming obsolete, with the 5 million dot set to become the new trend. The MicroOLED viewfinder is aimed at high-end cameras and video cameras, and may also come with RGBW pixels for a 100,000:1 contrast ratio.

That’s ten times Sony’s, mind you. This new chip is a retina display for close-up viewing. So that makes the optical viewfinder simply obsolete.

“We are really excited by the market potential of our new 5.4 million pixel density 0.61 inch diagonal OLED microdisplay that is superior in picture quality to any product in its category”, said Eric Marcellin-Dibon, CEO of MicroOLED. This OLED microdisplay is already creating quite a stir among world leaders in imaging products who commend the high pixel density and the remarkable image quality.

The new MicroOLED microdisplay has likely surpassed the limits of the human eye, in terms of resolution at least. And think about it, the optical viewfinder has lost the one advantage it had.

You would now be able to ditch extra lenses and mirrors, plus you can zoom, overlay info on the screen and still manually focus as easily as with optical. The current trend in replacing optics with electronics components fits excellently with our ability to produce this exceptional picture quality in miniature format.

We see many opportunities opening up in existing applications and new markets as a result, Marcellin-Dibon said. But not so fast, again.

The new technology is not coming to new cameras tomorrow. It would happen soon; it is supposed to.

Wait a bit; then, goodbye optical viewfinders.

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