Dragon’s Dogma Ships On May 22nd, Comes With Resident Evil 6 Demo

January 31, 2012, By Christian Davis

I’m sure some gamers will read the title as “Resident Evil 6 Demo Comes With Dragons Dogma.” Today Capcom announced that Dragon’s Dogma is going to be on store shelves May 22nd in North America and May 25hth in Europe. Each copy of the game will include early access to the Capcom game that’s on everybody’s mind, Resident Evil 6.

Now before you get all excited, you should know that Playstation owners will not the get demo at the same time as Xbox owners. Gamers who purchase the game on Microsoft’s console will get the demo on July 3rd. The PSN version will be available on Septermber  4th. A solid 60 days after the Xbox’s demo is released. That’s…quite a wait.

If you’re like me and is actually interested in Dragon’s Dogma, we’ve got a brand new story trailer for you. From the trailer, the game looks like something you’ll want to spend a lot of time playing and will hopefully have a deep narrative and great gameplay.

Along with the aforementioned announcements, retailer specific pre-order DLC was also detailed. Pre-ordering the game from  GameStop will reward you with the “Pawn Upgrade Pack”  which will give players more Rift Crystals, allowing them to rent higher level experience pawns. If you decided to head to Best Buy, your pre-order will reward you with the “Armor Upgrade Pack” which does just that. Lastly, if you want to get your hands on the “Weapon Upgrade Pack” you’ll have to pre-order the game from Amazon.

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