Apple Grapevine Talks of NFC Adoption Yet Again

January 31, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s time for Apple murmur again. It has been long rumored that the iGiant was seriously mulling over bringing the luxury of Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities to users, when they roll out the next gen iPhone device to the market. Now we have got more evidence to think they are not just rumors.

For the less knowledgeable about the innovative changes in the offing, Near Field Communications is a new technology used in smartphone devices that help compatible devices to communicate with each other in a variety of purpose including mobile payments.

It usually works when a mobile device with NFC capability brought near an NFC reader can help the user to make payments.

Two sources very close to Apple circles are said to have revealed off the record that Apple is planning to include NFC capability in one of their future devices through a special chip with the Qualcomm processor. They were not ready to specify which future model will be bringing NFC to Apple users.

Apart from that, a recent interview with an executive from Apple about the giant’s plan to be an NFC partner with MasterCard, saw him stop short of spelling out the details.

But he indeed said he knew no phone company who does not work on bringing NFC to their devices. The answer was an indirect yes to the query.

Moreover, one of the developer with the knowledge of what is happening at the inside circles of Apple, has said the company is heavy into integrating NFC in its future device. He reportedly revealed that he has even started developing an NFC app for iOS platform, to be an early bird.

We hope, when introduced, it will help the users to start with paying for their lattés and then move on to other world realities. What do you think?

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