Windows Phone Tango Update to Support 120 Languages, C++ Native Coding

January 30, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There is indeed some interesting news from Windows side, though not official. Windows Phone Tango, the next Windows Phone update, will extend its language support to 120 languages.

If this is anything to believe, the new update will have about four times more language support than its predecessor, Mango, which had support for 35 languages.

The move, undoubtedly, is a part of Microsoft plan to get into the numerous markets world over, which was often neglected by the company. Windows Phone devices, with Tango, will have a cutting edge in these markets compared to rival platforms since iOS is able to support just 34 languages and Android so far supports only about 55.

Making the strategy clearer, another revelation on Tango says that the new version will support native codes. Though the sources declined to confirm if they exactly meant Tango or Apollo, they have confirmed that developers can make apps for the next release with C++ native coding.

The move will help Microsoft to get some more developer attention, since presently the app developing platform for Windows phone is slightly restricted. Normal apps for this OS are written in a Silverlight based platform, which makes it limited.

Android and Apple iOS apps do not make such a limitation for developers to create them.  If the next release, possibly Tango, is going to support C++ native coding, developing apps for Windows Phone platform will be more flexible.

Tango, is expected to bring Windows Phone Os to cheaper devices by slimming down the existing platform. Since Mobile World Conference is at the door step, we hope we will hear more about it there.

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