Samsung Tears Down Galaxy Note to Reveal Small LTE Chip

January 30, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Manufacturers do not do tear downs. It used to be so until Sammy thought of revealing what is in the inside of its huge Note.

Samsung Tomorrow has shared a breakdown of the 5.3 inch Android device from the S Pen to the 4G LTE chip inside. And yes the chip is the point of interest.

Remember the talks about the reason why Android devices have a larger display than the iPhone? Recently, John Gruber suggested that the Android devices seem to grow in size to accommodate LTE radio chips.

The explanation was that LTE chipsets are physically bigger and because they are so power-hungry, they require bigger batteries. And the LTE chip and the radio antenna in the Note are evidently small enough to fit into a smaller device.

Plus, the Samsung Galaxy Attain with a 3.5 inch display is yet another proof that the LTE chip can fit into a smaller device. So the logical reason behind large screens for Android handsets is that large screens with better resolution provide a better experience for the users, while reading or typing on the screens, and watching videos as well.

That much is correct, right?

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