Portal 2’s “This Is Aperture” Music Video Hits All The Right Notes

January 30, 2012, By Christian Davis

Here are two rhetorical questions: Who loves Tim Burton’s animated film The Nightmare Before Christmas? Who Loves Valve’s Portal 2? Now, here’s a question that you never thought you’d hear: Who would want them combined? That’s quite a premise isn’t it? I’d imagine it’d sound a tad strange, but so did peanut butter and chocolate and look how that turned out!

It’s basically the same case with this music video titled “This is Aperture.” Take the Nightmare Before Christmas’ signature song “This is Halloween” and combine it with the charm and wit of Portal 2 and you’ve got a lovely three minutes and five seconds of enjoyment.

YouTube user Harry101UK did the music, voices, video editing, and lyrics for the video and like the top comment of the video states, “This should have been the official commercial for the game.”

We completely agree.

The video captures the quirky mood of the Portal game and the lyrics are funny and dark. Making it the perfect representation of everyone favorite Portal game.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments. I’m sure you’ll end up watching this at least a dozen times. I’m already closing in on 15.

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