Notion Ink to Swap Adam II with Tegra 3 for OMAP 4

January 30, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The processor in a device is the major god which decides the performance of the rig. As you know, it also decides the upgrades which it can bag.

But ever guessed what the manufactures think about these chips when it comes to assembling a new device to the market? Well, it is difficult to get since it is their secret.

But we recently got a chance to go through the decision making logic that worked in Notion Ink, when the company decided to switch the processor chip, which was present in the earlier model. Notion Ink, last year rolled out its first Adam slate with the power of the NVIDIA Tegra chip.

Now, when they are going to roll out the successor – Adam II, they have swapped NVIDIA Tegra with OMAP 4 platform from Texas Instruments. As per the company sources, making the decision was not easy.

OMAP has more memory bandwidth than Tegra 3 and Snapdragon. But Tegra 3 had the power of being a quad core chip.

So at last, it took some time for them to get the idea sparking. Based on the lesson from their first slate Adam I, they made a decision that, being an Original Equipment manufacturer, they have to look for their potential to make use of a specific chip, than the power and development possibilities of a chip.

In a brain storming session including the veterans, it came out that Adam I was not able to use the power of the Tegra processor to its fullest due to lack of resources or expertise. In that way, the company thinks they can make a better job with TI’s OMAP platform, since they have got the resources and confidence to utilize the power of the chip to its fullest in their new product.

Well, the argument is logical, and we appreciate that Notion Ink was ready to make the thinking loud for us too.

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